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Transferring skills from college to home

By Adrian Notter - February 3rd, 2021 | Posted in News

Lauren, a student from VPC has been working really hard this term on her independent living skills within the college, such as staying safe in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning.

Unfortunately Lauren has had to self-isolate at home due to Covid19. She has continued to work extremely hard and stay in good spirits and has been able to transfer her independent living skills from the college into her home environment. Lauren was able to follow a visual step by step guide via Zoom to prepare her lunch from scratch. She has shown such a brilliant attitude to improving her independence, which has been amazing for everyone in her class to see! This has benefitted Lauren hugely as she is increasing her independence at home and building her confidence when completing independent living tasks.

Lecturer, Scott said “Lauren has shown an amazing resilience since shielding and is making the most of her time at home by transferring all the skills she has learnt at college into her home environment. Lauren has also been so happy to see everyone on Zoom and has made us all very proud”