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A new friendship is made at the friendship group!

By Adrian Notter - April 18th, 2019 | Posted in News

Students from ‘The Globe’ (classroom) have been going to a weekly friendship group where they all meet over a drink and share their interests and hobbies.

Last week Dylan, a student from a different class took part in the friendship group. He met his peers in McDonalds in Camberwell and immediately hit it off with another student, Kitty.

The students interacted using facial expression, vocalisations and eye contact.

A member of staff asked Dylan what he thought of Kitty. He gave them a big smile and raised his thumbs! She then asked him if they were friends now and he nodded his head to confirm so. This was a great opportunity for Dylan to expand his circle of friends and it was great to see Dylan accessing the community and making new friends: He was really happy about it!