World Book Day 16

A sensory story for World Book Day

By Adrian Notter - March 4th, 2022 | Posted in News

Students were treated to an interactive sensory experience at our centre in Carshalton for World Book Day. One of our classes read out their favourite poems to the rest of the centre using sensory equipment to make it accessible for all our students.

Everyone settled into their chairs, the lights were dimmed and the poems began. Daniel, Kyle, Jeanet, Tenisha and Thomas read the poems aloud and brought them to life via 4D sensory experiences including; smell, touch, sound and visual sensory experiences.

Jeanet said “My favourite poem was “I Hate Vegetables” and I really liked that we had some vegetables with us for the other students students to smell and touch, whilst we read the poem out!”

Reading for pleasure is at the heart of World Book Day. Some students watched online sessions and learnt more about World Book Day and why it is celebrated. The celebrations really boosted morale and we can’t wait to celebrate again next year!