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Absolute CAOS in Carshalton!

By Adrian Notter - July 2nd, 2018 | Posted in News

We were so excited to be part of Carshalton Artists Open Studios, better known as CAOS, on Saturday 30th June.

Based outside The Corner Gallery, we set up a gallery displaying students’ beautiful paintings alongside short descriptions of the unique ways each piece was created. It was a blazing hot day but so many people stopped to see our spot on the trail which took visitors across Carshalton to studios, galleries and local businesses for workshops and to marvel at local artistic talent.

We were there displaying a range of paintings by students from VPC in Carshalton. Visitors were astounded at the work, with many pieces selling for donations to the charity, and we were even chosen as the spot for Doug Shaw’s art drop – click here to find out about his project We Are All Artists. Doug has even agreed to come in to college to run some art sessions with our students so we’re beyond excited for that!

A few hours in to the day and we had seen so many visitors, then one very special guest arrived – one of the artists! Abigail stayed with us to speak about her work and how she’d created it, and even had some of her paintings sell.









It was such a privilege to be part of the art festival and we’re already speaking to Jackie from The Corner Gallery about coming back next year, so we look forward to keeping you updated with progress. Time for our students to get painting!