GNS Evie using Alexa

Alexa helping out at home

By Adrian Notter - February 8th, 2021 | Posted in News

Student, Evie from Wyvern House is able to use Alexa at college and home as part of her independent living skills. She has benefited by setting Alexa for alarms to encourage her to drink her milkshake within a time period and to remind students and staff to wash their hands during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Evie has no problems setting the Alexa, this is best done when the environment quiet to enable her to be heard. Evie is confident using Alexa to time herself, usually within an hour to finish her milk shake.

Evie enjoys being independent and she gets a lot of satisfaction by achieving her tasks. The Alexa is a great device and is helping Evie to adapt her independent living skills at home and college. She is most happy when she is learning and Alexa has taken her to a whole new level of independence since starting at Orchard Hill College. She is pleased with her achievements and is getting more confident each day.

Lecturer, Sarah said “Well done Evie you’re a star!”