Student common room

Best-selling Author opens new student common room

By Adrian Notter - December 3rd, 2021 | Posted in News

Alison Weir, a best-selling author and public historian and her husband Rankin Weir opened a new student common room at Orchard Hill College in memory of their son John Weir who worked at the college for many years and sadly passed away in March 2020.

In his memory, a donation was made to the college to fund equipment for the common room, including a PlayStation and games, sensory equipment and a 3D printer. Students and staff gathered to officially open the common room and shared fond memories of John and a plaque was unveiled in his honour.

Alison Weir also presented students with their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. John Brown, a College Member, who also presented the awards said “All the students have been working very hard completing their expeditions and voluntary work, despite all the restrictions. Achieving these awards has been life changing for many of them and a significant achievement for everyone in the group”.