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Celebrating College’s Week with “The Big Build”

By Adrian Notter - October 24th, 2018 | Posted in News

We had an action packed few days in celebration of the AoC’s “College’s Week”. All of the college centres got involved with our very own “Big Build”. The challenge, led by the Digital School, saw students collectively putting their coding and building skills into practice to create a super vehicle out of Lego that could be activated to travel and perform tricks via an iPad.

The build kicked off in Camberwell at Lomond House, where students were joined by the Mayor of Southwark, Catherine Rose. Students excitedly built the foundations and added wheels to the vehicle ready for their peers at Beaconsfield in Kingston to take over. Students in Kingston were joined by College Governor, Michelle Humphreys and they made fantastic progress with the build.

On Wednesday, it was the turn of students from VPC. They carried out their mega build at the DigiCafe at The Riverside Centre, where students also run a community café every Wednesday providing digital advice and access to the latest apps, games and initiatives. Students were this time joined by three Councillors from Sutton, who were keen get involved in the build and coding of the ever growing vehicle, whilst sampling sweet treats students had made for them to enjoy.

The vehicle had doubled in size by the time it was delivered to its last pit-stop at Wyvern House in Hillingdon. It was down to Councillor John Morgan, Mayor of Hillingdon and students to make sure the now mega vehicle could travel controlled by an iPad (and no helping hands). After a countdown, everyone held their breath as the amazing vehicle made its way along the course, they let out a big cheer as it triumphantly crossed the finishing line!!!

Thank you to all of our supporters for making time to watch the action unfold and our friends at Lego Education for providing us with the kit we needed to pull of our very own “Big Build”.