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Great work from our sixth form students

By Adrian Notter - February 9th, 2021 | Posted in News
Sixth Form students from Wyvern House have been working hard on their weekly topic of Mental Health. The theme was to coincide with the “Walking to Mecca” challenge that staff and students are taking part in across the college, and mental health as a focus. Danny and Aidan have taken the experience very seriously and have identified the benefits of good health and community partnerships. They feel positively impacted from the experience. Aidan has a passion for France and the Emirates and has created presentations of work. He has also built a Paris Skyline Model.
Danny is very enthusiastic about walking and looking after others wellbeing. He hopes to become a paramedic in the future and has recently completed a First Aid Booklet using the resources he used to achieve and pass his CPR and First Aid Certificate last Friday. Danny independently worked towards this goal and was self-driven. Danny would like to share his work with anyone who would like to learn about First Aid. To view his booklet, please click here.
The rest of the class have been taking part in mental health quizzes and activities via zoom and assessing resources they need to support them through college life.