Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

By Adrian Notter - February 3rd, 2020 | Posted in News

It’s National Apprenticeship Week, so what a great time for us to introduce the OHC&AT apprentices.

Our new cohort of apprentices embarked on their apprenticeship journey at the beginning of November 2019 and have already made a big impact in their work places.

Francesca works in the school office at Dysart School where she volunteered for two years prior to her apprenticeship. She said “I am really proud to have progressed to a paid job at a school that I love, it is great to be part of a team and I have some really nice colleagues.” Penny, the Business Manager at Dysart School said: “Francesca is very hard working, she is our first apprentice and we would have to go a long way to find a better candidate, she is making great progress and fits in very well with the team.”

Mark is an apprentice at Carew Academy, where he works alongside their site manager fixing and maintaining the building and grounds. He also works one day a week in the school office. Site Manager, Peter said: “Mark has made great strides since he started working at Carew. He has worked with me on lots of different projects and is always willing to learn. Mark is a great asset to the school.”

Matt is an apprentice for Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust’s Digital School. After completing his course at the Vocational Progression Centre in 2018, Matt started as a volunteer with the Digital School. He has since advanced in his career and is now an apprentice, supporting the digital team full time. Matt said: “Part of my role is being a Learning Support Assistant at some of the academies in the Trust and at Sutton Life Centre, where I get to share my digital knowledge. The biggest highlight of my job is helping students and members of my local community to enjoy technology.” Simon, Creative Director of the Digital School, said: “Matt has fit into the team really quickly and has made a great impact. He is always positive, enthusiastic and punctual.”

Katy is an apprentice for Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust’s Facilities team. She said: “In this role I feel like I can utilise my skills and improve myself. I love coming here.” Louise, Katy’s manager said: “It has been great to watch Katy grow in confidence. She has achieved so much in her short time here, she is learning to communicate well with her colleagues and asks for help when she needs it. Well done, Katy.”

Keep up the great work, apprentices!