Multi-sensory Art Exhibition

This term, Oxford Circus class have, through the medium of art been practising their intentional body movements and sustaining attention on individual and shared experiences.

Using the theme of spring, they created a multi-sensory art exhibition and invited their peers to join them for a series of interactive sessions to celebrate their learning.  Their classroom was transformed into a creative hub of 4D sensory experiences.

Students formed a creative circle and shared different art techniques, including canvas and book painting, using their  hands, feet, brushes and string to creative beautiful expressive works of art.

Lecturer, Vicky then introduced the concept of spring weather and students were gently spayed with water to reflect the misty rain and fanned to recreate windy and breezy weather. Student then took it in turns to touch frozen items that were reminiscent of ice, sleet, and snow.

Sound played an important part too, music was gently played to accompany gentle stretching exercises, whilst later in the session students were encouraged to play percussion instruments. Different spring inspired scents were also introduced to add another level of sensory exploration.  Outside of the creative circle the classroom was decorated with student artwork each one with its own switch, when pressed, triggered an audio description of the display and the techniques used to produce it.

The session was truly imaginative and inspiring for visitors.



Outcomes for learners are outstanding, teaching, learning and assessment are excellent and the extremely diverse programmes that meet learners’ individual needs, interests and aspirations, prepare them very well for life after College.
Ofsted Report

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