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Remote Education Offer

Orchard Hill College uses a blended approach to support those students engaging in remote learning. This includes a range of approaches such as digital platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, as well as physical home learning packs that include activities and resources that are curated by college staff and sent to student’s homes. The college website also offers a range of ‘on demand’ sessions and activities that students and families can engage with.

The remote curriculum is aligned to students personalised curriculum pathways. Methods of delivery include timetabled class sessions, small group and 1:1 sessions which provide targeted activities linked to students individual targets. There is also a programme of virtual sessions available across the college, led by specialist teachers and therapists. In addition, curriculum staffs complete socially distanced visits with students to support their mental health and wellbeing.

All lessons are sequenced, as they would be in the classroom with aims and objectives made explicit to all learners. Additional support, information and resources are provided to those supporting students to access remote learning in the home.

Lecturers have worked with students and families to develop new timetables for the Spring term which take into account the variety of activities available to students to ensure they retain the most fulfilling timetable possible. Online sessions are scheduled. Links are shared with students and families.

Feedback and assessment continues to be provided in an accessible way by members of staff through a range of methods, which include live feedback, structured reflection and 1:1 discussions.

The Student Services team, working across all centres, continue to provide a range of services including bursary support, counselling and mental health support and offer personal support and support where there are safeguarding concerns.

Expectation of Students:

  • Students should attend sessions as set out in their agreed individual timetable.
  • Barriers to accessing remote learning should be raised with members of the teaching team as soon as possible to enable alternatives to be put in place.
  • Wherever possible, students should have their camera on during sessions to support the most effective interaction between students and members of the teaching team.
  • Conduct from students during remote sessions should be in line with the college’s high standards for on site learning.

Arrangements for students studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities

The remote curriculum is aligned to the classroom curriculum as much as possible. Staff will consider what can be done from home and work with students and parents or carers to put in place as much as is practicable. Wherever possible, specific resources required for activities to be completed remotely are sent home from the college.

Support for students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning

The college will support students to engage with appropriate resources on loan where appropriate and achievable. Elements may include non-digital approaches to remote education.

As a result of outstanding teaching, over time students make excellent progress and develop the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals.
Ofsted November 2019

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