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Partnership with SeeAbility

By Adrian Notter - April 6th, 2022 | Posted in News

One of our Lecturers has set up an amazing partnership with the NHS and See Ability and got us involved in a great project called the See Ability Project. They have visited all of our 8 centres and done eye tests with our students. They have been giving away free glasses to the students who need them and also making referrals for students who have identified as having other eye problems, such as cataracts.

This project has funding to continue for the next five years, so they will be coming to our centres every year! The opticians involved in this project are trained to work with disabled people and are very patient and adapt the resources according to the students’ cognitive and communication abilities.

Belen, Curriculum Lead at Wyvern House, said “All the students who have attended the clinics so far have been very excited and happy to be seen by the people in the clinic. It is a great project and I would like as many people as possible to know about this.”

For more information on the project, please click here.