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The CryerArts Centre

By Adrian Notter - March 25th, 2021 | Posted in News

Students from VPC have been attending a new art group at The CryerArts Centre. This week, students explored the contrast between black and white, using a range of art techniques. The enthusiasm the art teacher bought to the session captured and engaged everyone in the room.

One of our students, Billy, found when visiting last week, there wasn’t a table that was accessible for him to work at. This week, when he returned, the centre had made a wooden platform to adapt their tables so they are now accessible to all. It was perfect for Billy and enabled him to fully engage with the whole session

LSA, Jenny said “I was so impressed they had done this just for him. What kindness!!”

All students who have attended this session have communicated that they would like to return next week. To find out more information about sessions they run, please visit their website: