What are bursaries and how can I get further information?

The Bursary fund is to support students who may have financial hardship and can support them with money to assist with items such as travel, free school meals and equipment. You will need to meet the eligibility criteria to qualify. If you are interested, you will need to complete an application and we will let you know if you meet the criteria. The application and guidance can be obtained from our student services team.

When will I start College?

Depending on the timing of the consultation, we usually assess for the next academic year. This will mean next September will be the start of term. However, your Local Authority will have to agree to fund the placement before you can start.

What happens next, after the assessment?

The staff assessing you today, will need to write a report to establish if we can meet your needs and what support you will require. This report will be shared with your Local Authority and taken to our panel meeting to discuss if we have a place for you at college.

When will I know I have a place at Orchard Hill College?

After the assessment your paperwork and the report written by the staff today will be past to our internal panel for discussion. If the panel agree and we are able to offer you a place, then a letter will be sent to both you and the Local Authority shortly after the meeting.

What centre will I go to?

The application for a placement is for Orchard Hill College and not a specific centre. Although we will always do our best to place you in the centre suitable, compatible and available nearest to your home. We will also take into consideration your preference.

Do you provide transport?

No, Orchard Hill does not provide transport to and from the college. If you require this service, you will need to discuss these arrangements with your Local Authority. You will probably have to submit an application to them.

We do have mini buses at each of our centres, which are used to take students out during the college day if this is required.

What happens if the Local Authority want me to attend OHC and I don’t?

You should discuss this further with your Local Authority.

Orchard Hill College are under a Statutory duty to continue with the assessment process and consider the offer of a placement. Unfortunately, we are unable stop the process, but we would be happy to discuss further with you any questions you may have about the college and the support we can offer.

Will I get a copy of my assessment paperwork?

We are unable to share the paperwork with everyone, but a copy of our report will be sent to the Local Authority as the consultation request for a placement was from them. You will be able to approach your SEN case worker or Social worker to discuss any information you may require.

How long before I will know if I have a place?

We are unable to confirm how long this will take as the decision is dependent on many factors. We will try to take the request for a placement to the next available panel. The panel meets every 4-6 weeks. If we are able to offer you a place, we will let you know at this stage. The rest will depend on the Local Authority and if they are happy to fund your placement.

How will I know how I am doing at College and if my support may need to be reviewed?

All students with an EHCP will have an annual review meeting at college every year, this will be very similar to the ones you had at school. We will be able to discuss your progression, how well you are doing at college and if you are achieving your outcomes. We can also consider any new outcomes and any additional support you may require. Your parents/carers and the Local Authority will all be invited to attend. We also run various parent events throughout the year

What days will the College be open?

Unless you are advised by ourselves or your Local Authority for a different attendance pattern. The College is open for our full time ESFA funded programmes, Monday to Thursday between the hours of 9.30am to 3.30pm. We do run an Enrichment programme on Fridays, these do not form part of the students’ educational government funded programmes. Details for the Enrichment Programme can be obtained from our Student Services Team.

WorkStart programmes vary the days depending on which programme you are on. For more information you can contact the Assessments and Placements Team on 0345 402 0453 or email  Assessments&Placements@orchardhill.ac.uk